Collection for the many years of 50 rest of life of The late Mr. Shigeyoshi Miki who is

 a founder of Mikikogyo incorporated company laid the foundation, and this art museum

 located in the south of national treasure Himeji Castle
(We register a world heritage of the first in Japan inDecember, 1993) progressed to open

 it in this year.  It was cultural assets, and the work of art desired itfor some time past

 when he wanted to contribute to improvement of the local culture of Harima by he built 
]the art museum, and showing it widely. 

This art museum possesses 1,000 points by aJapanese traditional painting, a foreign film,

 an industrial art object. I concentrate power on particularly Japanese modern ceramics,

the work collection of pictures. 

I carry out the collection of works and a plan exhibition and will desire it in future when
I want to contribute to promotion of art / the culture by planning more substantiality.
To have support for the activity of Miki Museum continuously; thanking you in advance. 

Miki Kogyo Co., Ltd.  
Representative director president  Shoichiro Okada