(Paintings) Be with watar
(Ceramics)  Folk art and artisans

       Jun. 1 (Thu.) - Aug. 26 (Sat.), 2023

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About a way of thinking of mask wear after 2023 March 13.
Personal independent choice is respected and wear is entrusted to a personal judgement.
Museum staff will wear masks.

Please enjoy beautiful views from the rooftop of
the museum after appreciating authentic arts. 

Please post your photos taken at the rooftop of the museum on your SNS/Instagram. 
​Please tag us too! 
※MIKI Museum of Art does not have Instagram account.

Miki Museum of Art

241 Honmachi, HimejiHyogo, Japan
TEL 079-284-8413
FAX 079-288-7114

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10:00am - 6:00pm
(Entrance gate closes 30 minutes
before the closing time)

Monday and Tuesday, except national 
Year-end holidays

For the details, please see the HP calendar.

Adults   500yen
*free for children 15 and under